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Pak Panorama

Zone:               Open
Duration:         28 Days
Best Time:        May - October

Pakistan panorama which takes in its sweep the cultural cities of Peshawar, that saw Alexandar's armies march through; Lahore, the hub of the Mughal architecture and the port city of Karachi, centre of commerce and industry, introduces you to the archaeological sites at Texila, Takht-e-Bai and Bukhara. These places still bear marks of the ancient Indus Valley civilization and the Gandhara period as well as Moenjodaro, Harrappa, Uch Sharif and other sacred places. We also visit the historical Khyber Pass as well as mountain. The wilderness of the North.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01          Arrive Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 02          Fly to Moenjodaro. Hotel.
Day 03          Fly to Karachi. Hotel.
Day 04          Fly to Multan. Hotel.
Day 05          Drive to Uchh Sharif and Bahawalpur bazar. Hotel.
Day 06          Drive to Lahore enroute visit Harrappa. Hotel.
Day 07          Full day Sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 08          Fly to Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 09          Sightseeing of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 10          Drive to Taxila and continue to Peshawar. Hotel.
Day 11          Excursion Khyber Pass. Hotel.
Day 12          Drive to Saidu Sharif enroute Takht-e-Bai. Hotel.
Day 13          Buddhist sites (Butkara, Saidu Stupa, Galaghai and Shinkerdara stupa. Hotel.
Day 14          Drive to Chitral over Lowari Pass. Hotel.
Day 15          Drive to Bamborit. Hotel.
Day 16          Drive back to Chitral. Hotel.
Day 17          Drive to Phander. Hotel.
Day 18          Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 19          Drive to Karimabad. Hotel.
Day 20          Full day Sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 21          Free day. Hotel.
Day 22          Drive to Khunjerab Pass and drive to Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 23          Drive to Skardu. Hotel.
Day 24          Sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 25          Sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 26          Fly to  Islamabad or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.
Day 27          Free day or complete road journey from Chilas to Islamabad.
Day 28          Fly Out.

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Pak Panorama
Pak Panorama
Pak Panorama
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