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Wakhan Corridor Trek

Range:            Hindukush/Pamir
Altitude:         1500m - 3800m
Zone:              Permitted
Duration:        17 Days
Best Time:       May - October

Afghanistan is located in Southwestern Asia. In the west is the Islamic Republic of Iran, South and southeast is Pakistan, in the north Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and the eastern most part borders China is made up of at least 4 separate areas and 44 different languages. The southern half of Afghanistan is Pakistan. The Northwest is actually half of Khorasan Persia, which was partitioned by the British. The dominant city in this region is Herat, which is a historical center of Persian civilization. The center highland is the Hazarajat, the land of the Hazara. The Hazara are a separate people with a distinct ethnicity, look, and religion. The North is the southern section of Turkestan. The dominant city is Mazar-I-Sheriff which is predominantly Uzbek.

Afghanistan is divided by steep mountains and is very hot in summer and equally cold in winter. Of the seven North-south passes through the Hindu Kush are navigable in winter.

It is a rugged, mountainous country with cold winters and hot summers. Measuring 647,500 square km the country is very poor with only a few miles of railroads, no navigable waterways, no ports and the people are primarily small farmers and herders.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01          Kabul - Kundus
Depart Kabul in the morning heading north past Charikar and ascending the Hindu Kush mountains until finally crossing the Salang Pass (3,363 m) and arrive in Kunduz. Hotel.

Day 02          Kundus - Faizabad
The drive from Kunduz to Faizabad has changed dramatically over the past few years as this remote road has finally been paved, cutting the driving time in almost half. Hotel.

Day 03          Ishkashim
Expat residents of Faizabad consider the road to Ishkashim one of the most dramatic drives in the area. Hotel.

Day 04          Sarhad
We will drive to Sarhad the dirt track which follows the barren Panj river valley as snow-capped mountains tower on both sides of the road.

Day 05-12      Faizabad - Ishkashim
We will take our yaks and horses and begin our trek into the heart of the Wakhan Corridor. Tent.

Day 13          Drive to to Ihskashim. Hotel.

Day 14          Drive to to Faizabad. Hotel.

Day 15          Drive to to Kunduz. Hotel.

Day 16          Drive to Kabul. Hotel.

Day 17          Drive to airport for homebound flight.

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Afghanistan Bamian Trip
Afghanistan Bamian Trip
Afghanistan Bamian Trip
Afghanistan Bamian Trip
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