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Indus Valley Trekking

Range:            Himalaya
Altitude:         3,750m
Zone:              Open
Duration:        13 Days
Best Time:       May - September

The name of India itself is a corruption of the word Sindhu. Arabians pronounced 's' as 'h' and called India Hindustan, the land of Hindus. Greeks pronounced Sindhu as Indus, and so the name India. Sindhu is the oldest name in Indian history as well in Indian geography. When Shiva carried the immolated body of his divine consort Sati over all the land, her skull-top with its Hingula (sindur) fell at what has been Hinglaj ever since. It is near Karachi on the Sindh-Baluchistan border. To this holy spot-sanctified by the visit of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana-went the great Sindhi Sufi poet-saint Shah Abdul Latif in the company of yogis.

Through the Indus valley and the ancient kingdom of Sham, we will discover the main Ladakhi monasteries and the wonderful sites surrounding them: Shey, Thiksey, Hemis, Spitok, Phyang, Lamayuru and Alchi are all accessible by road, and Temisgang, Ridzong and Likir line the trekking route. This itinerary is of moderate difficulty and the path does not rise above 4500m.The trail crosses numerous villages where the people have kept their Tibetan ways and customs.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01            Take the morning flight for Leh. Hotel.

Day 02            Sightseeing tour of Leh city. Hotel.

Day 03            Sightseeing trip to some ancient monasteries in this area. Hotel.

Day 04            Tour of Stok Palace, home of the hereditary rulers of Ladakh. Hotel.

Day 05            Tour of Basgo, Alchi, and Likir Gompas. Tent.

Day 06            Trek over Pobe la to Yangthang. Tent.

Day 07            Trek to Ridzong Gompa and back to Yangthang. Tent.

Day 08            Trek over Sermanchan la and Lago la to Ang. Tent.

Day 09            Trek to Temisgang, then over Bongbong la to Khaltse, then by jeep to
                       Wanla. Tent.

Day 10            Trek from Wanla over Prinkti la to Lamayuru. Tent.

Day 11            Return by jeep to Leh. Hotel.

Day 12            Transfer to the airport for flight to Delhi. Hotel.

Day 13            Drive to airport for homebound flight.

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India Indus Trekking
India Indus Trekking
India Indus Trekking
India Indus Trekking
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