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K2 B.C Trek (North face)

Range:            Karakoram
Altitude:         8616m
Zone:              Permitted
Duration:        25 Days
Best Time:       Start June - End August

The northern side of K2 lies in a remote region of western China. Beginning the journey in Kashgar we travel by road to Xinjiang, and on through spectacular scenery and high passes to Elik. It is here we meet our camels and their care takers. Our trek will take us through Kyrgyz settlements as we cross and re-cross rivers and make our way through gorges and valleys towards K2 Base Camp. This is to a large extent an exploratory trek, participants will need to be flexible as the rivers can force us to make changes in our itinerary.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01             Arrive Kashgar. Hotel.

Day 02             Customs clearance, Drive to Yecheng (or Karghilik, 270 km). Hotel.

Day 03             Shop for perishables and recognize loads in Yecheng. Hotel.

Day 04             Drive to Mazar 260 km. Camp.

Day 05             Drive to bridge 25km (right after village of Mazardaars), load camels. Camp.

Day 06-12        7 days trek with camels to bridge. Camp.

Day 13-14        2 days for exploration around BC.

Day 15-19        5 days trek with camels to bridge. Camp.

Day 20             Drive to Mazar. Camp.

Day 21             Drive to Yecheng. Hotel.

Day 22             Drive to Kashgar. Hotel.

Day 23             Free day at Kashgar. Hotel.

Day 24             Sightseeing of Kashgar. Hotel.

Day 25             Trip concludes in Kashgar

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K2 North face Trek
K2 North face Trek
K2 North face Trek
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