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Trekking in Tajikistan

Range:            Fann mountains
Altitude:         Min : 600m - Max: 3700m
Zone:              Open
Duration:        11 days
Best Time:       July

Tajikistan is a mountainous country with 90 % of it's land comprising of mountains and glaciers that are also the source of its rivers. The republic is bounded by China in the east, Afghanistan to the south, and Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to the west and north. The central Asian republic also includes the Gorno-Badakh Shan Autonomous region which has great potential for adventure tourism.

Down the history Tajikistan remained part of the ancient Persian Empire in the times of Darius I and later it was conquered by Alexander the Great (333 B.C.) In the 7th and 8th centuries, Arabs conquered the region and brought Islam. The Tajiks were successively ruled by Uzbeks and then Afghans until claimed by Russia in the 1860s. In 1924, Tajikistan was consolidated into a newly formed Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which was administratively part of the Uzbek SSR until the Tajik ASSR gained full-fledged republic status in 1929.

Tajikistan declared its sovereignty in Aug. 1990. After independence, Tajikistan experienced sporadic conflict as the Communist-dominated government struggled to combat insurgency by Islamic and democratic opposition forces. Despite continued international efforts to end the civil war, periodic fighting continued. About 60,000 people lost their lives in Tajikistan's civil war. The conflict ended officially on June 27, 1997, with the signing in Moscow of peace accords between the government of President Imomali Rakhmonov and the United Tajik Opposition (UTO), a coalition of largely Islamic groups. Since then, however, peace has been tenuous, marred regularly by killing sprees by various opposition groups.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01            Fly to Dushanbe. Overnight Hotel

Day 02            Transfer from Samarkand to the alpine camp Artuch through the
   Uzbek/Tajik border and Pendjikent. Tent.

Day 03            Hike up to the Kulikalonskie lakes and crossing to the Bibi-Djanat lake.

Day 04            In the morning you will go over the pass Alaudin. Tent.

Day 05            You will have easy walking to Mutnui lakes. Tent.

Day 06            Day 6 The path goes through moraines and glacier where you can see
   the Chimtarga pass (4740 m), peak Energia (5120 m) and Chimtarga
   (5489 m). Tent.

Day 07            In the morning you will go over the Chimtarga pass (4740 m).
   The view from the pass will charm you but strong wind will make you
   to go down. Descent to the Bolshoe Allo lake. Tent.

Day 08            Free day. Tent.

Day 09            Trek down to the Zindon river.Tent.

Day 10            Transfer to Samarkand through Pendjikent.

Day 11            Drive to Airport for flight transfer.

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Tajikistan Trekking
Tajikistan Trekking
Tajikistan Trekking
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