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Diran (7272m)

Range:             Karakoram
Altitude:          7273m
Zone:               Open
Duration:         40 Days
Best Time:        Mid May - End August

Diran is situated between Rakaposhi & Haramosh Massif of Karakoram Range, one of the most beautiful mountain in Nagar valley with easy climb of its snow dome.

This peak has a reputation for its treacherous storms and avalanches. Sitting beside the Rakaposhi and Haramosh high peaks which surrounded by Minapin Barpu Boulter glacier, it offers a panoramic view of the Hunza valley. Accessible from Gilgit on KKH to Minapin-Gutens-Hapakun-BC to the pasture land on a beautiful meadow with Extraordinary views of the green land of Nagar valley, the down hill of villages gives the picturesque view of agricultural fields and orchard.

In 1968 three members of Austrian Expedition climbed Diran. They found Hidden crevasses and high snow Domes on the Northwest ridge.

In 1964 another Austrian Expedition tried to get on the summit from Northwest face but couldn't succeed, due to bad weather.

Technically it is known to be difficult because of ice walls and hidden crevasses and its soft snow fields. Approach Gilgit- Minapin - Hapaken. Gullies base camp Boulter Glacier.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01          Islamabad
Arrive Islamabad.

Day 02          Islamabad            
Welcome reception.

Day 03          Chilas
Drive by coach to Chilas (480 km) on Karakourm Highway (10-12 hrs).

Day 04          Minapin
                    Drive to Minapin.

Day 05-07      Base Camp (3600m)
                    Three days for trek to the Base Camp. Overnight in tent.

Day 08-35      20 days for acclimatization and climbing.

Day 36          Minapin (2800m)
                    One full day trek back to Minapin.

Day 37          Besham
                    By coach drive back to Besham (425km) on KKH it will take 08 to 09 hours.                     Overnight at hotel.

Day 48          Islamabad
Morning drive to Islamabad (275km), it will take 06 to 07 hours.

Day 39          Islamabad
Farewell meet.

Day 40          Fly out. Transfer to airport for your return flight home.

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