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Boat Safari

Zone:               Open
Duration:         10 Days
Best Time:        November through March

The mountains of northern Pakistan offer some of the best rapids in the world for White Water Adventures.

The mighty Indus River (3rd in Asia) squeezed between the high cliffs of Haramosh and Himalaya Ranges roars through deep gorges snaking its way out to the plains. Exploring Indus can be a life time memory as it provides equally interesting choices for just pleasure riders to the White Water enthusiasts for rafting, canoeing and kayaking.

Gilgit River, Hunza River and their tributaries in upper Hunza, Shimshal, Ishkoman and other beautiful valleys of Hindukush Range offer very safe and pleasure-filled rafting with magnificent easy trekking tours on nearby panoramic trails.

The scenic Swat Valley and lush green Kaghan Valley and their rivers are worth floating and provide views of a rare mountain panorama.

The Indus River flows through the wide plains of the fertile Punjab where one can float downstream on the big wooden boats, whose design copies the galleons of Alexander the Great. You watch at leisure views of river life with migrating birds, glimpses of the blind Indus Dolphin and magnificent sunsets in the distant horizon.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01          Arrive Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 02          Fly to Multan. Hotel.
Day 03          Drive to Taunsa Barradge. Tent.
Day 04          Start boating on Indus. Tent.
Day 05          Boating. Tent.
Day 06          Half day boating. After lunch drive to Uch Sharif. Tent.
Day 07          Drive to Derawar Fort. Tent.
Day 08          Drive to Bahawal Pur and transfer to the airport for fly to Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 09          Sightseeing. Hotel.
Day 10          Fly out.

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Boat Safari
Boat Safari
Boat Safari
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