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North Pakistan Jeep Safari

Altitude:          Min 610m - Max 4733m
Zone:               Open
Duration:         24 Days
Best Time:        July - September

For those with the sense of adventure but not desirous of long walks, Jeep Safaris provide memorable vacation as well as maximum area in the valleys of North. This form of tourism is highly developed in Pakistan and is very popular with adventure lovers from all parts of the world.

This trip is designed to accomplish a unique traverse of the western Himalaya and the Hindukush range along some of the most beautiful Karakorum vistas. It affords splendid views of the majestic 'killer mountain', Nanga Parbat 8125m, and other great giants of  world fame like Rakaposhi 7788m, Diran 7273m, Golden Peak 7027m, Shispare 7611m, Hachindar, Battura Massif, Lupgar peaks, Bublimoting and the treacherous Ultar 7388m. Besides you visit the green valleys of Kaghan, descending over the Babusar Pass 4173m to Chilas, Gilgit 1400m, Hunza,  Punial and Chitral, experiencing some of the oldest surviving cultures.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01          Arrive Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 02          Drive to Shogran in beautiful Kaghan Valley at 2400m. Hotel.
Day 03          Drive to Naran. Hotel.
Day 04          Day free for fishing and visit to legendary lake Saiful-Maluk at 3212m. Hotel.
Day 05          Drive to Chilas via Babusar Pass (4173m). Hotel.
Day 06          Drive to Rama Lake (3480m). Tent.
Day 07          Descend to Astore and continue to Chilum at foot of Deosai Plateau. Tent.
Day 08          Drive to Satpara Lake. Tent.
Day 09          Drive to Skardu. Hotel.
Day 10          Full day excursion Shigar Valley. Hotel.
Day 11          Drive to Hunza. Hotel.
Day 12          Free day to explore the legendary Hunza Kuts, and to visit forts. Hotel.
Day 13          Excursion to Khunjerab Pass (4733m). Hotel.
Day 14          Drive to Gilgit and after lunch continue to Gupis. Tent.
Day 15          Drive to Phander Lake. A paradise for anglers. Tent.
Day 16          Day free. Tent.
Day 17          Drive to Chitral. Hotel.
Day 18          Full day excursion to Kalash Valleys of Bamboret, Berir and Rumbur. Hotel.
Day 19          Continue journey, through 3118m Lowari Pass to Swat Valley. Hotel.
Day 20          Drive to Peshawar. Hotel.
Day 21          Drive to Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 22          Day free. Hotel.
Day 23          Fly out.

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North Pakistan Jeep Safari
North Pakistan Jeep Safari
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