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Filming Trips

Zone:                Open   
Duration:          31 Days
Best Time:         Round the Year

We have organized many tours of Groups interested in Filming and Photography. We have also assisted in making of many TV documentaries for many companies like The BBC, "Channel Plus", France Asahi TV, Japan, Discovery Channel and feature films such as The 'Vertical Limits'. Our staff is experienced in this kind of work and provide necessary support to professional photographers. We do the research and home work on the subject before the teams' arrival and make film-making in the mountains an enjoyable vacation.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01             Arrive Karachi. Hotel.
Day 02             Morning filming at Karachi. Afternoon fly to Moenjodaro. Hotel.
Day 03             Filming the ruins of the city of Moenjodaro. Hotel.
Day 04             Fly to Multan. Filming the colourful bazaar and mausoleum. Hotel.
Day 05             Drive to Uchh Sharif. Filming the mausoleum of some other shrines. Hotel.
Day 06             Drive to Harrappa. After filming drive to Lahore. Hotel.
Day 07-08        Full day filming the bazaar and historical places of  Lahore. Hotel.
Day 09             Drive to Islamabad. Hotel..
Day 10-11        02 days for filming in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 12             Drive to Taxila. After filming continue drive to Peshawar. Hotel.
Day 13-14        02 days in Peshawar for filming. Hotel..
Day 15             Drive to Saidu Sharif enroute filming at Takht-e-Bai. Hotel.
Day 16             Filming of Buddhist sites. Hotel.
Day 17             Drive to Chitral over Lowari Pass. Hotel.
Day 18-19        02 days for filming in Chitral and Kalash valleys. Hotel.
Day 20             Drive to Phander. Hotel.
Day 21             Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 22             Free day in Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 23             Filming in/around Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 24             Drive to Hunza. Hotel.
Day 25             Filming ( Culture, peoples, scenery and Baltit fort). Hotel.
Day 26             Drive to Passu and walk on Passu glacier for filming. Return late afternoon                         back to Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 27             Drive to Skardu. En-route filming of Nanga Parbat. Hotel.
Day 28             Filming at Skardu ( Lakes, Fort, Rock carving and Shigar valley). Hotel.
Day 29             Fly to Islamabad. Incase of flight cancellation drive to Chilas. Hotel.
Day 30             Free day in Islamabad or complete road journey. Hotel.
Day 31             Fly out.

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Filming Trips
Filming Trips
Filming Trips
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