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Batura Glacier Trek

Range:             Karakoram
Altitude:          Min : 600m - Max: 4200m
Zone:               Open
Duration:         16 Days
Best Time:        June - September

This trip is a fascinating experience of an easy stroll along with a flower-strewn gully between the lateral moraine of Battura Glacier and the mountains. It provides breathtaking views of high Peaks like Ultar (7388), Shispare (7611m), Passu peak (7284m), Karun Koh (7164m), and others in the Shimshal region. From Fatimahil you can have an unforgettable view of the formidable North face of Battura massif. After halfway between Kukhil and Guchsum is the wide plateau of Shelmin where the Urthum brook flows from the North. This is much tougher route than Kilik or Mintaka but not a technical one. The scenery will simply sweep you off your feet.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 01             Arrive to Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 02             Fly to Gilgit or Drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel
Day 03             Drive to Passu either from Gilgit or Chilas. Hotel.
Day 04             Trek to Yunzben. Ten
Day 05             Trek to Ujhoupirt. Tent.
Day 06             Trek to  Yashpirt. Tent.
Day 07             Trek to Gutshism. Tent.
Day 08             Free day. Tent.
Day 09             Trek to Yashpirt. Tent.
Day 10             Trek to Yunzben. Tent.
Day 11             Trek to KKH and drive to Hunza. Hotel.
Day 12             Free day. Hotel.
Day 13             Drive to  Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 14             Fly to  Islamabad or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.
Day 15             Free day or complete road journey from Chilas to Islamabd. Hotel.
Day 16             Fly Out.

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